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Of all the Mistresses and dominant females online, the most strict and severe to be found is an Asian Mistress. There is just something about these Queens from the orient that makes them perfectly equipped to deliver harsh punishment, brutal verbal beatdowns and sadistic tortures upon their poor, hapless and squirming slaves.
asian mistress
mature Asian Mistress
If Oriental women are the ones you dream of serving then you have found the best site because there are dozens of Dommes from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippine’s and they are all live and online right now and just itching to have a pathetic little worm like you on your knees, crawling around the floor and pleading for mercy. You can also check out our bondage cams right here

An Asian Mistress is one of the most popular requests from subs and it is easy to see why. With their air of mystery, cold heartless faces, perfect bodies, mean personalities and harsh tendencies, they are the perfect combination to deliver the very best femdom cam session any slave could dream of having.
These dommes have zero interest in how much pain, suffering or humiliation they heap on their submissives. 

They see the likes of you as nothing but property that they own and can do with as they please and they are right. Males like you are vastly inferior to superior females like these and they know it. They enjoy the humiliating things they make you do, the look of dread on your face as their mouth twists into a sadistic sneer and the yells and screams you make as they torture you in the most imaginative ways possible.

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Think A dominatrix is cruel with cock and ball torture? You ain't seen nothing yet. An Asian Domme will be the cruellest and heartless you ever saw. From a male-dominated culture, they see this as the ideal way to push back and you will feel the full brunt of their anger.

Forcing you to beat your balls with a wooden spoon till you almost pass out or tie a string around your cock till it turns blue. 

Or making you smear it in hot sauce or chilli powder then stand before them, squirming and sweating as you desperately plead to be allowed to wash it off. Or maybe they will have you apply a ball crusher and make you turn the screws tighter and tighter till your nuts are almost squashed flat?

 Whatever they decide though, the look of sadistic sneers and cold-hearted smirking as you groan and gasp will haunt you and you will be under no illusion that these women are in control and do not like you one little bit.

Or they might decide if you are a bitch then they will treat you like a bitch and make you fuck yourself in the ass with some anal training. With cheeks apart and bent over a table, they will make you shove a big thick dildo up your ass and ram it in and out. Laughing at you as you grunt, you will be made to keep going till you have been well and truly pounded into submission.

One of the biggest turn-ons for submissive men who fantasise about serving foreign Dommes is the way they bark orders in an accent and the far East accent is the biggest attraction of all. Thankfully, all the Mistresses on this site have strong accents and thanks to the clear clarity of audio afforded by today's high-quality webcams, you will hear every twang as she talks to you.

Each domme also offers free cams chat which means you can tell them exactly what areas of bdsm interest you and how you normally serve without using up all your available credits. Rather than rush it, you can take your time and explain to her fully what you want and how the session should unfold and then when you enter private you still have all your available - Click here for more live femdom cams

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