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If you are a prissy little sissy bitch in need of some female domination by a superior Mistress who enjoys humiliating and degrading sissified bitches then you are in the right place.

 This site here is full of live Mistresses who live and breath femdom and the one thing they love about bdsm above everything else is totally degrading sissies and sluts to the absolute edge of their limits.
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faggot humiliation, cock sucking sissy
Are you ready to obey? Are you desperate for a powerful woman to control you? To treat you like the slut you are? Then enter the site and find a Mistress.

Whatever kind of TV you are, the Dommes on this site can work with it and tailor a session that will fit your kind to a T.

One thing all you crossdressers know and accept is that you are the lowest of the low. You are not even worthy of the dirt that gathers on her boots so you readily do anything she says and takes whatever she dishes out because she is your own and when she chooses to humiliate and degrade you for her own personal amusement then you do exactly as you are told.

If you are a prissy sissy, all prim and proper with your stockings straight, your high heels shining, your dress perfect and hair and make-up immaculate, complete with white silk gloves and pearl earrings then you might be taught to curtsey. Men bow, sissys curtsey. 

As she sits with her legs crossed and watches closely, you will practise and practise till you do it properly. Curtsying to your superiors is sissy 101 and you will learn the correct way. It will be humiliating for you but that’s your problem, not hers. Kepe checking our Live Dominatrix cams for more updates and sissy pictures that get added daily

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Or perhaps she will have you clean the place from top to bottom. Like a good humiliated sissy maid, you will do your cleaning chores while she stands over you.

 On your hands and knees, French maid dress riding up to expose your frilly knickers and stockings while your ass wiggles as you work, she will berate you and bark at you to work faster.

 Maybe you will get a kick up the backside for slacking. Or a slap on the head for missing a bit. Perhaps you will receive a whack from her cane but whatever she does, you will keep working, cleaning and scrubbing like your life depends on it.

Maybe she will take it a step further and force you to clean the toilet with your tongue. Does it get any more humiliating than that? 

To be made to stick your head in the pan and lick the bowl till it sparkles? For added humiliation, it is not uncommon for her to make you flush while your head is deep in the pan. 

Imagine standing before your mistress with your wig hair dripping wet and your make up running. As she sits and laughs and calls you names and telling you how ridiculous you look, you’ll be acutely aware of all the water and makeup dripping from you

Or maybe you are the other kind of sissy. A dirty, skanky, filthy slut who fucks and sucks random strangers and has no qualms about taking a cock up her slut hole for a vodka and coke. 

With your short skirt, fishnets, crop top and cheap makeup plastered on you look every inch the cock hungry slut so why wouldn’t she make you parade up and down, wiggling your ass and flashing your knickers? 

Or perhaps she will make you take a dildo and show her how you take it in your mouth and give it a slobbery blowjob? 

Deep-throating that cock while she cheers you on and cackles with laughter as you greedily give it some head. Or she will have you get on all fours, hitch your skirt up, pull your knickers to the side and fuck your ass with that 10-inch dick. In and out as she laughs and insults you till your slut hole is aching.

 Anal training takes time but you will be able to take bigger and bigger dicks as time goes on.

The ultimate humiliation for any sissy slut is being pimped out but if that is what she decides for you then suck it up. She will make you an online profile, post pictures of you and write an appealing profile for guys to want to hook up and fuck your ass or have you suck their cock. 

Or maybe she will just turn you into a common $10 street walker. Walking up and down, wiggling your backside and flashing your knickers to entice the horny punters to take you to an alleyway, bend you over and fuck their load right in your backside.

Whatever kind of sissy you are, there is a Dominatrix live right now who can give you the humiliation and degradation you deserve. They are live and on webcam right now just itching to get a sissified loser like you on their hands and knees at their feet, ready to be utterly and completely degraded. You can also check out our Kinky role play cams and meet some huge fans of all things Taboo and nasty

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